Chamuel Puppies

Kennel Club registered

                       home of the Cavapoos

Why do I breed?

My love for dogs stems from my childhood, which has naturally followed me into adulthood. For me, a house is not a home until you have a dog living there. In my case, several! My desire to breed started a few years ago, which I pursued with wanting to produce healthy dogs for the future, as well as being placid and loving. This is why I looked towards the Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier x Poodle). The biddable nature of these breeds, plus their intelligence, along with their genetic structure provides the foundations of a healthy pup with a superb temperament. With the poodle genes this will mean the puppies will have minimal moulting which allows people with allergies more freedom on having the joy of owning a dog. All the miniature puppies will be PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), Dry Eye Curly Coat and Episodic Falling hereditary clear. 

Where do my dogs live?

All my dogs live in the home and are very much part of the family, if they aren't following me while I'm doing chores, more often than not I will find at least two or three curled up asleep on the sofa. After their afternoon run the evening is spent between playing chase or chilling in front of the TV. It is therefore only natural that the pups are whelped and raised by myself within the home, as they are very much part of the family too. The puppies are handled from day one, then socialised with friends and family as they get older. I have 10 grandchildren of varying ages some with ADHD/Aspergers which offers the puppies great learning skills when interacting with children. Having grandchildren with ADHD/Aspergers also gives me the understanding and knowledge of the needs and challenges both children and their families face and work closely with each family ensuring the right puppy is chosen to go forward as both Therapy and Family dog.  The puppies also have interaction with my other dogs as of 3 weeks old, and will be used to day to day noises of the home from the moment they are born. They will be paper trained from 2 weeks so that toilet training can begin followed at 4-5 weeks old where they will venture out into the garden for fun and stimulation as well and this is when toilet training in the garden begins. When they go home at 8 weeks with their families they are well on their way to being toilet trained as well as used to outside noises. I live in a busy town so they will be used to cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes and emergency vehicles with sirens sounding going past my garden as well as hearing school children, pedestrians talking etc. They also experience wild birds and the odd squirrel popping into the garden and maybe once in a while a neighbourhood brave cat who likes to tease my dogs! All in all, they are well rounded and confident individuals when they leave to be with their forever families. All the puppies will be micro-chipped but not inoculated, this is because my Vet will not inoculate a puppy until it is 8 weeks old plus not all Veterinary Surgeries have the same vaccines. They will come away with their extensive information packs which include copies of both parents certificates and dna reports plus a copy of the puppy's vet report, their food, a scent blanket, toys, training treats as well as four weeks free insurance. I also offer life time support, and just love getting updates no matter what age they are!